The Car Finder: How to Never Lose Your Car Again

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If you often have situations when you don’t remember the parking spot, the car tracking app is a must. Searching for your vehicle in the parking lot or trying to remember which block you left it in is a real stress.

Thankfully, technologies can help you here now. The Car Finder is the application that combines GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular to locate your vehicle. Let’s learn more about the app and find out what else you should expect from using the app.

The peculiarities of Car Finder

It is one of the many options offered in Google Play and the App Store. We’ll focus on the major advantages and peculiarities here.

  • First of all, Car Finder automatically saves your location when you stop your vehicle. This is very convenient since you’ll be able to find where you left the car even when you forget to pinpoint the location.
  • Secondly, it has a recovery mode. This feature tracks your car’s location in case it got stolen. Using this feature, a user may go through the history of locations and recover the vehicle.
  • The app combines 3D Google Maps and AR which helps it to differ from similar options. Surely, it also uses radar, cellular, and GPS.
  • Discovering the navigation features is worth a try. Just point the smartphone in the direction of your vehicle, the screen will show a green arrow to the precise location.
  • The application also lets a user switch to one of three car-tracking screens and get walking directions.
  • Aside from that, Car Finder has extra features. For instance, there is a parking timer. A user may set up a parking meter alarm to avoid paying extra. What’s more, the app shows the location history and has the export tool that sends the data to your email or SMS.

Useful tips to take into account

It’s very easy to use the application. Just press the button to save the location and later click on Show cars on the map to see the orange marker.

However, it requires a good GPS signal. The app uses it to determine the precise location. That’s why in case you are in a multi-level parking lot, the app will be useless. It also won’t work that well in tunnels or if the Internet connection is very bad.


All in all, Car Finder is an app that helps you locate your car faster. You will never lose your car again on the parking lot or anywhere else. Using all the extra features, the app comes in handy. It can send alarms about the parking details to remind you about the parking meter, etc. Car Finder can also send the information to your email or instant message.

It’s a perfect solution for those who keep asking themselves: where did I park? Where is my car? How am I supposed to find my car in all this snow? Didn’t I leave my car next to this store? Now you can stop worrying and pinpoint the exact location of your parking spot.

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